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Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica
Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica (ABBS), an international peer-reviewed journal, aims to publish original research articles and review articles across diverse fields of biochemical research including protein science, nucleic acids, molecular biology, cell biology, biophysics, immunology, and signal transduction.
переходов по ссылке: 384

Acta Histochemica
Acta histochemica, a journal of structural biochemistry of cells and tissues, publishes original research articles, short communications, reviews, letters to the editor, meeting reports and abstracts of meetings. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for the cytochemical and histochemical research community in the life sciences, including cell biology, biotechnology, neurobiology, immunobiology, pathology, pharmacology, botany, zoology and environmental and toxicological research. The journal focuses on new developments in cytochemistry and histochemistry and their applications.
переходов по ссылке: 363

Analytical Biochemistry
Analytical Biochemistry, Methods in the Biological Sciences, emphasizes methods in the biological and biochemical sciences. The journal publishes the results of original research as well as reviews of methods.
переходов по ссылке: 382

Devoted to the Rapid Publication of Innovative Basic and Clinically-Oriented Investigations into Programmed Cell Death
переходов по ссылке: 1384

Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology
Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya) is a journal presenting original papers on research in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology that have or may have practical applications. Among its initiators and first authors are well-known scientists, such as A.I. Oparin, V.N. Shaposhnikov, N.M. Sisakyan, V.N. Bukin, S.V. Durmishidze, T.B. Darkanbaev, and A.S. Vecher. The scope of the journal includes the production of enzymes, vitamins, and other biologically active substances; studies on the processing of raw materials; and the microbiological synthesis of food and feed products. New research methods and devices are also covered. In addition to original papers, the journal presents authoritative review articles written at the invitation of the Editorial Board, book reviews, and chronicles. Scientists from research institutes and higher educational institutions located in the territory of the former Soviet Union and foreign authors are encouraged to submit their papers for publication.
переходов по ссылке: 1490

Archiv der Pharmazie
Archiv der Pharmazie - Chemistry in Life Sciences is an international journal devoted to research and development in all fields of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. Emphasis is put on papers combining synthetic organic chemistry, structural biology, molecular modelling, bioorganic chemistry, natural products chemistry, biochemistry or analytical methods with pharmaceutical or medicinal aspects such as biological activity.
переходов по ссылке: 484

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics publishes articles in the developing areas of biochemistry and biophysics.
переходов по ссылке: 343

Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology
Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology is an international journal that publishes articles in English that are of interest to insect biochemists and physiologists. Generally these articles will be in, or related to, one of the following subject areas: Endocrinology, Development, Neurobiology, Behavior, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Enzymes, Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, Molecular Biology, Toxicology.
переходов по ссылке: 313

ASN NEURO provides researchers with recent advances across the whole breadth of the cellular and molecular neurosciences.
переходов по ссылке: 266

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications is the premier international journal devoted to the very rapid dissemination of timely and significant experimental results in diverse fields of biological research. The development of the "Breakthroughs and Views" section brings the minireview format to the journal, and issues often contain collections of special interest manuscripts.
переходов по ссылке: 320

Biochemical Engineering Journal
The Biochemical Engineering Journal aims to promote progress in the crucial chemical engineering aspects of the development of biological processes associated with everything from raw materials preparation to product recovery, relevant to industries as diverse as medical/healthcare, food and environmental protection.
переходов по ссылке: 1484

Biochemical Genetics
Biochemical Genetics provides an essential link between the sciences of biology, chemistry, and genetics by offering an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of new developments. The extraordinary scope, dynamics, and progress that presently characterize modern biochemical genetics are reflected in the journal's original papers on fundamental experimental and theoretical research in the biochemical genetics of all organisms, from viruses to man. Contributions deal with the molecular aspects of genetic variation and evolution, mutation, gene action and regulation, immunogenetics, somatic cell genetics, and nucleic acid function in heredity and development, and with the biochemical aspects of genetic defects.
переходов по ссылке: 1332

Biochemical Journal
The Biochemical Journal promotes international excellence in scholarly publishing in all aspects of biochemistry and molecular and cell biology and provides a first-class publication vehicle for authors.
переходов по ссылке: 1518

Biochemical Pharmacology
Biochemical Pharmacology is an international journal devoted to publishing original work on the interaction of drugs and nontherapeutic xenobiotics with biological systems. While particular emphasis is placed on reporting findings that relate to the actions and metabolism of drugs and toxic substances at the biochemical and molecular levels, submissions in the areas of behavioral and physiological pharmacology and toxicology are also encouraged if they describe studies directed at defining mechanisms of action.
переходов по ссылке: 370

Biochemical Society Transactions
Published in six issues throughout the year, the journal captures the exciting science presented at the Biochemical Society Annual Symposium, Focused Meetings and Independent Meetings supported by the Society as a series of mini-reviews.
переходов по ссылке: 352

Biochemical Systematics and Ecology
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology is devoted to the publication of original papers and reviews, both submitted and invited, in two subject areas:(i) the application of biochemistry to problems relating to systematic biology of organisms (biochemical systematics);(ii) the role of biochemistry in interactions between organisms or between an organism and its environment (biochemical ecology).
переходов по ссылке: 323

Research from the arena where biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, and molecular biology meet. Covers structure, function, and regulation of biologically active molecules; gene structure & expression; biochemical mechanisms; protein biosynthesis; protein folding; membrane structure-function relationships; bioenergetics; and immunochemistry.
переходов по ссылке: 1810

Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Published since 1929, this bimonthly journal explores every aspect of general biochemistry and includes up-to-date coverage of experimental research into cellular and molecular biology, as well as review articles on topics of current interest and notes contributed by recognized international experts. Special issues each year are dedicated to expanding new areas of research in biochemistry and cell biology.
переходов по ссылке: 380

Biochemistry Research International
Biochemistry Research International is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of biochemistry.
переходов по ссылке: 333

Biochimie is a multi-topical journal, publishing original work as well as review articles and mini-reviews in all areas of biology (enzymology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, structure of macromolecules, etc.), provided that the approach adopted stems from biochemistry, biophysics or molecular biology.
переходов по ссылке: 326

Bioconjugate Chemistry
Presents research relevant to all aspects of conjugation chemistry and biochemistry, including the preparation, characterization, and properties (both chemical and biological) of molecular conjugates. The journal encourages application of modern techniques of chemical analysis to problems in conjugation chemistry.
переходов по ссылке: 1476

Bioelectrochemistry is an international journal devoted to electrochemical principles in biology and biological aspects of electrochemistry. It publishes experimental and theoretical papers dealing with: Electrified interfaces; Electric and magnetic field effects; Bioenergetics and signal transduction; Biomembranes and model membranes; Applications in medicine and biotechnology.
переходов по ссылке: 1393

An international Kluwer Biogeochemistry journal
переходов по ссылке: 1324

Biogerontology has now developed a solid scientific base with respect to the understanding of the phenomenon of aging. A spectrum of new and innovative strategies and approaches are being increasingly applied to modulate the process of aging at the level of cells, tissues, organs and organisms. Biogerontology represents this step in research which aims primarily at achieving healthy old age accompanied by improved longevity. The focus is on attempts to understand, prevent, cure or minimize age-related impairments. The science of healthy old age requires its own platform to bring forward new ideas, and to encourage the scientific publication of innovative and bold experimental manipulations in this regard.
переходов по ссылке: 1290

Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications
The purpose of Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications is to publish original research in the form of articles, notes, letters and reviews in the general field of bioinorganic chemistry and its applications. Its scope includes all aspects of bioinorganic chemistry, including bioorganometallic chemistry and applied bioinorganic chemistry. The journal welcomes papers relating to metalloenzymes and model compounds, metal-based drugs, biomaterials, biocatalysis and bioelectronics, metals in biology and medicine, metals toxicology and metals in the environment, metal interactions with biomolecules and spectroscopic applications.
переходов по ссылке: 312

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